Love “Buddy And Bea”

bbThis new book, Buddy and Bea is a wonderful story about the journey of two friends named Buddy the Leaf and Bea the Bird.  It teaches children and adults the delicate story about the circle of life in a loving and sensitive way.  The artwork and story mesh together beautifully, and when the book is completed, you will have a big smile on your face.  I highly recommend this book to read.  Currently, the book is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Two thumbs up!

From the Amazon website:  “Buddy and Bea is a gentle, caring, loving and inspirational story about the Circle of Life that will foster happy emotions. It is the tale of two friends named Buddy (the leaf) and Bea (the bird), and the special relationship they created. Buddy and Bea have a remarkable friendship, where the readers will adore and fall in love with them through their magical journey. Bea watches Buddy blossom from a tree branch, mature into a leaf, and grow old with beautiful colors until Buddy falls from the tree at the end of autumn. The love and bond they share is something special. The main objective of this book is to educate children on life and loss in a non-threatening manner. Buddy and Bea is a heartwarming story that is simply enjoyable to read. A child does not need to experience loss to enjoy this uplifting story. Also, please be aware, there is no mention of the word ‘death’ in this book at all.  It is just a warm and fuzzy story.  Enjoy!”

At the time of this post, the book has 13 reviews, all of them are 5-star rating:

Sample reviews from Amazon:

I just got my book today and read it 4 times already. It is really a book for any age child as well as any adult. It is a moving and loving story with vibrant illustrations. This story is about two unlikely friends, Buddy the Leaf and Bea the Bird. Their bond and journey brought tears of joy to my eyes. I would recommend this book to anyone, two thumbs up. It will make you feel good when you finish the book, similar to how you feel when you finish the classic book called “The Giving Tree.”

I really enjoyed this book. It is on my top 5 for children’s books. My twins loved the beautiful story. Thankfully, they have not experienced loss, but you do not need to experience loss to enjoy this story. As for the artwork, very colorful and emotional. The text and art together kept my kids engaged.




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